Parents will be aware of the general concern with inappropriate use of mobile phones.  Mobile phones allow children and teens to enter the unregulated public domain.  If this is without supervision then it makes young people vulnerable to exposure to inappropriate material, being preyed upon by unknown people and cyber bullying by peers.

By regulating the use of mobile phones, we produce the following benefits:

  • Limited usage allows for real-life connections that sustain us and make us feel that we matter, resulting in deeper relationships with friends and family.
  • It encourages us to spend more time on physical activities, sports, reading, creating or engaging with others. Aspects of life which are critical to healthy physical and social development.
  • It shifts the focus to in-person interaction and allows for participation in more social activities with others.
  • If we engage in more face to face interactions, we are less likely to jeopardise relationships, unlike on social media where we feel anonymous and therefore unaccountable for our behaviour towards others.
  • Spending less time on mobile phones teaches us, through peer relationships, how to resolve conflicts and it presents opportunities for us to practice our social skills and etiquette, which is vital to maintaining good relationships at school, home and in the community.

Yanchep Secondary College acknowledges and appreciates the importance and relevance of appropriate use of electronic devices (eg mobile phone, ipod) by students.  While we acknowledge that there may be legitimate reasons for having an electronic device at school, students are required to follow the rules and regulations governing these devices.

Student Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices MUST be switched off and out of sight during class time.

The only exception to this is if students are allowed by the classroom teacher to use their mobile phone or electronic device as part of the teaching and learning program. A staff member can ask a student to switch off and not use their electronic device at any time. Students must follow this direction.

Students are not permitted to take photos or videos of either staff or students.

Yanchep Secondary College takes no responsibility for the theft and/or damage of student mobile phones or electronic devices.

Yanchep Secondary College Campus

If a student breaches this Policy it may result in their mobile phone or electronic device being removed.  If it is removed, the device will need to be collected by the student from either the teacher at the end of the lesson or the Deputy Principal (front office) at the end of the day.  In some circumstances the device may only be released to a parent.

If a student consistently breaks the rules for mobile phone usage at Yanchep Secondary College it will be regarded as a serious breach of the school Behaviour Management Plan.

How can parents help?

Parents can do a lot to support appropriate use of mobile phones and electronic devices.  Please consider carefully why your child needs to have a mobile phone or electronic device at school.  Unless it is vital, have them leave it at home.

Other support would include:

  • Reinforcing our school policy on mobile phones, electronic devices & earphones with your child.
  • Being willing to attend interviews at school if your child is involved in a phone related incident.
  • At home – have your child hand their phone in at night and return it in the morning.
  • Talk to your child about the risks of inappropriate use of mobile phones.
  • Talk to your child about what to do if they receive inappropriate material on their phone – do not delete it, keep it as evidence.
  • Vigilantly monitor phone use and content.
  • Ensure your child does not have access to a 2nd or 3rd phone or SIM card.

We thank parents for your cooperation and support.

What will happen if a student uses a mobile phone or electronic device without teacher permission during the school day.

  • The student will be reminded of the school policy and asked to put the electronic device away.
  • If the student refuses to put their electronic device away, then the school Behaviour Management Plan will be followed and parents may be contacted.
  • If the staff member suspects that there is inappropriate material on the device then the parent/caregiver will be contacted and asked to collect the phone.

Other Electronic Devices And Earphones/Headpones

  • The use of earphones/headphones in classrooms is only permitted with the permission of the classroom teacher.
  • If the classroom teacher does not want students to use earphones/headphones then students must obey this instruction.
  • If the student refuses to follow the teacher’s instruction, then the school Behaviour Management Plan will be followed.
  • If the staff member suspects that the music, etc. being played is inappropriate, then the student will be instructed to switch it off. Students must comply with this instruction.