Characteristics Observable Behaviors
Classroom BehaviorStudents Teachers
Arriving at classArrives at class on time.
Students are assembled at the door and orderly.
Students listen to instructions from the teacher.
Arrives at class on time.
Greets students at the door.
Provides specific instructions regarding the start of the lesson
Moving into the classroom Hats, Hoodies and Headphones are removed.
All electronic devices turned off and in their bags.
Code switch: classroom ready.
Asks students to remove hats/hoodies/headphones, phones in bags.
Mobile Phones out of sight.
Engages positively with students and monitors movement into class.
Preparing to learnSeating position according to the teachers plan.
Bags under desks.
Focused on their own organisation.
Materials out: electronic devices as instructed.
Plan for a lesson that supports safety and accountability.
Construct a seating plan for the students.
Prepare all the materials required for the lesson.
Give specific instructions regarding electronic devices required.
During the lessonHopeful:
Displays a positive attitude to the class and their learning.
Completes all learning activities to the best of their ability.
Utilizes technology appropriately and as directed by the teacher.
Interacts with the teacher and other students appropriately.
Responds to teacher directions as required.
Provides and maintains the resources required for the lesson
First 10 minutes of instruction:
1. Start with an appropriate “Do Now” activity.
2. Complete class attendance for students and submit.
3. Provide a visible lesson structure with clear lesson objective/s

Last 10 minutes of instruction prior to the end of the lesson:
1. Provide a summary of the key learning points.
2. Make connections to the stated lesson objective/s.
3. Link to the end of the lesson.
End of the lessonUpdating and organising their diary as directed.
Packs materials away when directed to.
Waits for directions to move out of the class
Gives specific instructions regarding homework to be completed.
Directs students to pack up.
Directs students to leave at the end of the period.
Moving out of the classroomWait for the siren at the end of the period.
Push their chairs in.
Ensure their work space is tidy.
Make an orderly exit from the class.
Thank the teacher for the lesson
Wait for the siren at the end of the period.
Monitor all chairs being pushed in.
Ensure all rubbish is removed from the floor.
Thank students and support appropriate behavior
Secure additional equipment and the room
Moving between classesMove between classes in an orderly manner.
Display positive behaviors.
Fill water bottles and use amenities.
Arrive at the next class on time
Move between classes in a timely manner.
Make any necessary preparations for the next class.
Fill water bottles and use amenities.
Arrive at the next class on time.