Mr Anthony Johnson

Welcome to Yanchep Secondary College. Our mission is to prepare young people to be active and productive adults. We believe that this is successfully achieved when we work with the family and local community.

We have prepared this website to guide you through our school structures. We want you to be a key part of the high school education process. We value the information that you can let us know and encourage you to contact us if you have any concerns.

The adolescent years can be difficult for our students so we have also provided some resources that may be of use. Our school is built around the belief in supporting our students to achieve their best and we look forward to working with you to achieve our goals.

Ms Sharon Taylor
DEPUTY PRINCIPAL - Senior School (Years 10-12)

As the Deputy Principal at Yanchep Secondary College it is my role to ensure that all students have access to a broad curriculum.

In order to support the students I work closely with the Heads of Learning Areas to develop engaging programs and meaningful assessments which challenge the students thinking and help prepare them to be productive adults.

Together we aim to provide students with a range of exciting opportunities both during school and after school.

Mrs Julie Clarke
DEPUTY PRINCIPAL - Lower School (Years 7-9)

My role in the school as Deputy Principal is to manage the operation of Student Services and the provision of Pastoral Care. The college has a very strong emphasis on the care of our students and supporting them so they can make the most of the opportunities that the college has to offer.

I have a special interest in developing individualised plans in consultation with parents, to meet the specific needs of students and using ongoing reflection to improve them. I work closely with the Program Coordinators and other support staff to ensure that our students are attending school and are very well behaved.





Adam Lewis
Program Coordinator - Years 7-9
Robyn De Fraine
Program Coordinator - Year 10-12
Shellee Finnigan
VET Coordinator
Lisa Greenwood
Lead Education Assistant

Andrew Olson
School Psychologist

I am a trained Psychologist working four days a week at the college. My role is a one-to-one with students at risk, facilitating Individual Education Plans for students and whole school programs and professional learning for staff.

Chaplain Service
Student Services

The role is  a secular role. The focus is to look after students, give them care when they need it and guide them through the challenges they are facing in their teenage years. Facilitate whole school fun events like bands playing and community fund raising events like the 40 hour famine.


Health Nurse
Community Health Nurse

The role of the Community Health Nurse is varied. Primary health care, health counselling, health education and promotion of a healthy lifestyle are priorities for the College community. I am also a resource for staff and students requiring referrals to outside agencies, and I coordinate programs for students.




Amanda Fleming
HOLA - Humanities and Social Sciences
Adam Gatti
HOLA - Science
Lee Gibson
HOLA - English
Craig Ventham
HOLA - Mathematics
Leigh Hoey
HOLA - Design & Technology
Peter Scrivens
HOLA - Health & Physical Education
Brooke McFarlane
HOLA - Arts


Brett Lewis
Primary School Transition Coordinator (Year 6)
Elodie Braun
Lower School Year Coordinator (Years 7-9)
Adam Lewis
Upper School Year Coordinator (Years 10-12)