Enrolment Guidelines

Please complete the Student Enrolment Form and return it to Yanchep Secondary College with supporting documentation for confirmation of this student’s enrolment. Family details should include details of parents or carers residing at the same address as the student being enrolled. Any details relating to parents not residing with the student may be included in the Parent/Guardian details section of this form. Please place X in provided.

While it is not a legal requirement to provide all of the details requested in the Enrolment Form, the information is sought to enable the Department to:

  • Undertake administrative and child/student care responsibilities including maintaining emergency contact information;
  • Communicate with you about important matters;
  • Provide first aid and plan for student health support For a student with a disability who has significant and complex support needs the principal will negotiate to delay the first day of attendance with the parent/guardian if the necessary teaching and learning adjustments are not currently available at Yanchep Secondary College;
  • Collect necessary statistical information and undertake analysis of the composition and performance of the student population; and
  • Meet State and National reporting


Thank you for choosing Yanchep Secondary College as your preferred secondary school for your child.

Our Enrolment Policy follows the Department of Education Enrolment Policy and Procedures. Please find below a summary of the policy, and a timeline of college procedures. Students are enrolled at Yanchep Secondary College according to the Department of Education Enrolment Policy and Procedures. Enrolment decisions in public schools are made according to criteria based on age, residential location, visa status and educational needs.

Yanchep Secondary College is a new school and growing school. As such student enrolments will be based upon the following schedule, and students will be placed into appropriate cohorts according to student age. The only exception to this will be when a student enrolls to join the Year 7 cohort direct from a primary school.

Enrolment Procedure

  1. Complete and submit an Application for Enrolment and submit to the College with all relevant
  2. Upon receipt of the application, the application will be assessed using the local intake area procedures of the Department of Unsuccessful applicants will be notified in writing in a timely manner (usually within 3 days). If the enrolment is declined a letter will be sent to the applicant, indicating the reason/s for it being declined and information about the process to dispute the decision including a Request for Review of Application for Enrolment Decision Form.

Please note: Year 7 Enrolment for following year: If the application is for Year 7 in the following calendar year, notification will be provided in writing of the outcome of enrolment decisions within three weeks of the published closing date for applications.

  1. Enrolment applications under consideration for the current school year or enrolments for the following school year in cohorts other than Year 7 will be scheduled an interview with Student Services.
  2. After the interview a decision will be made to accept or decline the If the enrolment is declined a letter will be sent to the applicant, indicating the reason/s for it being declined and information about the process to dispute the decision including a Request for Review of Application for Enrolment Decision Form.
  3. Following acceptance of the enrolment, Parent/s or Guardian/s will be contacted with details about a start date, which will take into account time for obtaining a uniform, and provision of the relevant year group
  4. The student profile will be created on the Yanchep Secondary College information system and a timetable generated for the student. The student’s previous school will be notified of a change in enrolment via a Transfer
  5. Relevant and appropriate staff will be notified of the enrolment and on the student’s first day a teacher will meet the student and provide an orientation to the

Filling in this form does not entitle this student to attend Yanchep Secondary College. This document becomes an enrolment form when the student is offered a place at Yanchep Secondary College.

View the Department of Education Enrolment Policy and Procedures.


When you enrol your child at Yanchep Secondary College, please provide copies of the following documentation:

  • Full Birth certificate
  • Identity documents (visa, citizen etc. if applicable) Immunisation certificate
  • Court order (if applicable)
  • Proof of address (please provide two records) NAPLAN and Report

If your child was not born in Australia, you must provide:

  • Evidence of the date of entry into Australia; Passport or travel documents; and
  • Current visa and previous visas (if applicable). Citizenship Certificate.

In addition, if your child is a temporary visa holder you must provide:

  • Confirmation of enrolment or evidence of permission to transfer provided by Education International (if
  • holding an International full fee student visa, sub class 571); or Evidence of the visitor and temporary resident visa (other than sub class 571 referred to above); or
  • Evidence of the visa for which the student has applied (if the student holds a bridging visa).



Step 1. Download and complete the ICT Acceptable Use Agreement. (Applicable to all students)

Step 2. Create your USI. (This is only applicable to Years 10,11 & 12)

Step 3. Download and complete the Student Driver Agreement Form. (This is only applicable to Years 11 & 12)

Step 4. Once you have completed these steps you can begin the online application. You will be prompted to upload the above forms.

ICT Acceptable Use Agreement

All Students – Complete the Acceptable Use Agreement.

Student Driver Agreement Form

Years 11 & 12 Only – Complete the Student Driver Agreement Form.

Unique Student Identifier

Years 10 to 12 Only – Complete the Unique Student Identifier.

Application for Enrolment

All Students – Complete and submit the Online Application Enrolment Form.

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