Yanchep Secondary College provides high quality teaching and learning and is focused on building and maintaining engaging and productive classrooms.


  1. Classrooms are calm and focused.
  2. There are very high levels of student engagement and interest in learning.
  3. Teaching is aligned to clear Learning Goals that are understood by students.
  4. Students receive regular feedback about their learning that builds positive self-concept.
  5. Explicit and cooperative instructional methods are used to build academic competence.
  6. There is visible use of a variety of teaching strategies that build capacity in literacy.


  1. Classroom Management Strategies (CMS) Foundations and Instructional Strategies for Engagement (ISE), Barrie Bennett:
    All staff are trained/training to develop their instructional skills to support engagement in all classrooms.
  2. Visible Learning, John Hattie:
    All teaching staff consistently implement the universal classroom practice developed to support all college learning environments.
    All students know:
    “What I am learning today”, “Why I am learning this”, “How I will know that I learned it”
  3. Explicit Teaching, John Flemming:
    All teaching is guided by explicit learning objectives and teacher instructional practice using the “I do, We do, You do” framework.
  4. Success for All/Stepping Out, Jennie Bickmore Brand:
    Literacy strategies are imbedded in the instruction in all learning areas to support the progress and achievement of all students in reading, writing, spelling and grammar.


A framework constructed by the teaching and administrative staff that explicitly states the student and teacher behaviour that leads to a constructive learning environment in the class room for all students and staff. The framework is based around the transitions that occur from the moment students arrive at the class through to their movement to the next class. They include:

  1. Arriving for class
  2. Moving into the classroom
  3. Preparing to learn
  4. During the lesson
  5. End of the lesson
  6. Moving out of the classroom
  7. Moving between classes


Teaching staff are expected to comply with the requirements of the AITSL standards, and demonstrate their professional knowledge, professional practice and professional engagement in the delivery of learning programs to students.

Yanchep SC will be encouraging reflective practice amongst its teaching staff with a view to continuous improvement in the instruction provided in all classrooms. Teaching staff will be provided with feedback through their line manager that is consistent with the AITSL Classroom Practice Continuum and informs future performance development planning and professional learning.