The focus for this unit is design techniques in the area of metal. In this course students will use technology processes to design and produce products. Students will learn knowledge about metal materials and processes necessary to work in different metal industries. This is a practical subject, which is designed to give students the opportunity to work with metals in a variety of contexts.

The main areas of study are:

  • Technology process-design work
  • Understanding the use of materials-working with metal
  • Using technology skills-power and hand tools
  • Understanding materials, society and the environment-reduce, reuse and recycle The students produce small to major projects in metal of their choice.

Prerequisites: A strong work ethic


In the Food Science and Technology General course, students develop their interests and skills through the design, production and management of food-related tasks. They extend their knowledge of the sensory, physical, chemical and functional properties of food and apply these in practical situations. Students explore innovations in science and technology and changing consumer demands. New and emerging foods encourage the design, development and marketing of a range of products, services and systems.


Prerequisites: None


The Children, Family and Community course focuses on the growth and development of infants and children and the issues faced by Australian families. It is suited to students interested in a future in either the child or health care industries. Students will conduct research, explore case studies, give presentations and design solutions. There is also a heavy practical component to this course. Students will design and make a product for a child in temporary crisis accommodation, create a portfolio detailing their childhood and produce an advertising campaign related to an adolescent health issue.


Prerequisites: None


Applied Information Technology prepares students for a society that is increasingly reliant on Information Technology. Students will develop knowledge and skills that are essential for jobs of the future.

Content and skills included in the course are: hardware, software, networks and information technology product design and creation. Students will have an opportunity to create products such as videos, websites, animations, and presentations.

Students gain essential life and work skills in problem solving, time management and communications skills while working both independently and collaboratively. This course provides an excellent general grounding in ICT skills necessary for future study aspirations and working lives.

The course offers pathways to further studies and a range of technology-based careers and a set of skills that equip students for the 21st century and give them an appreciation of the impact of information technology on society.

Prerequisites: None


Yanchep Secondary College provides young people in the Yanchep area with a high quality, comprehensive education.


Offers all senior secondary students the opportunity to advance their mathematical skills.


In this course students will use technology processes to design and produce products.


Students learn about the English language: how it works and how to use it effectively. Language plays a central role in human life:


The Integrated Science course enables students to investigate science issues, in the context of the world around them.